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Rule of 24

The “Rule of 24” is about the changing landscape of client engagements, particularly as it relates to their new expectations and demands of how quickly and professionally your team responds to their request for a demo.  2Win!'s book, The Rule of 24, is your roadmap and go-to resource to see how you can proactively and successfully address this market shift through demo video automation and the latest innovative techniques for demo video content creation, web demos and in-person demos.   Just as important, we provide a roadmap for the organizational considerations your company should consider as you company executes our winning strategy. 

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Rule of 24 Defined

The dramatic time compression driven by B2B stakeholders as they demand accelerated research, content, answers, and alignment to make a buying decision.

Change has Come

Rule of 24 was already taking place when the 2020 Covid pandemic impacted the business world. The old prospect strategies weren’t working like they used to; your sales process was harder and harder to follow, and you simply weren’t getting as much face-to-face time as you once did. We wrote this book two years before the pandemic and the client engagement challenges and solutions that have presented itself during Covid-19 were an acceleration of what we predicted in 2018.

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Ride the Wave of Change

With the strategies you'll find in this book, you'll be able to finally understand why a select few of your competitors are racing ahead of you. You'll be able to catch them and pass them—because you'll be riding the wave of change instead of swimming against it.

The Time to Act is Now

What once was will never be again. Be a Rule of 24 innovator and win the client experience battle.

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